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Enjoy privacy and enhance your home with highly visible fences and gates.
Wrought iron perimeter fence.

Wrought iron perimeter fence.

Residential and Commercial-grade fencing with matching posts and gates, many popular styles and sizes
  • Chain-link Fencing
  • Metal Picket Fences
  • Wrought-Iron Fencing
  • Ornamental Ironwork
  • Stylish mixed-material fences
  • Fences comprised of variable components
  • Fencing with decorative colors
  • Perimeter Fences
  • Playground Fencing
  • Rooftop Fencing
  • Hoop & Spear Pool Fence
  • Trash Dumpster Enclosures
  • Skate Board Guards
Fences and gates make a first impression that add aesthetic appeal to your property.

A great fence can improve the views from both inside your house and from the yard. Fences command attention while serving a functional purpose such as protecting your family and domain.

Fences can provide an open view or be used to enclose, protect and hide.

Wrought Iron Fencing is a classic solution for a bold look that adds stature and property value.

Chain-link fences are economical and appealing for being open and airy.

Iron and aluminum are both great fencing materials depending on your personal preferences and needs.

Fences composed of mixed materials can create contrast and complement your architectural style.

Icarus Group Ironwork offers competitive home pricing by stocking many popular styles, designs and sizes, both contemporary and traditional.

Icarus Group Ironwork specializes in custom designed fencing utilizing heavier grade metals, specific sizes and designer colors to match or create the unique architectural features of your dreams.

Fencing materials that we use include vinyl, brick, stone, chain link, aluminum, steel, pickets and solid wood.

Icarus Group Ironwork will assist you to select a fence style that will flatter the size and shape of your house and enhance the landscaping of your property. Ask us about our fence maintenance and repair services.

Residential Gates

Custom-made gates give your home a special, elegant look.
Ornamental wrought iron door

Ornamental Wrought Iron Door

Icarus Group Ironwork custom-builds, welds, installs, repairs and maintains residential and commercial security gates, decorative home entry and garden gates.

Establish your distinctive identity with the elegance of wrought iron or decorative steel gates.

Entrance gates and driveways leading to your home provide a finished appearance to your property.

Icarus Group Ironwork fabricates functional and ornamental gates in our state-of-the-art iron shop.

We offer a selection of ornamental and decorative designs that will visually enhance your property while serving as a secure safety solution. We can also design an elegant custom gate to suit your exacting specification.

Our elegant designs are constructed for durability and frequent use.
  • Automatic Gates
  • Baby, Child or Pet Safety Gates
  • Decorative Accent Gates
  • Driveway & Entry Gates
  • Electric Gates
  • Fence Gates
  • Front Gates
  • Garden Gates
  • Privacy Gates
  • Security Gates
  • Walk Gates
  • Double or Single Gates
  • Sliding Driveway Gates
  • Vertical Lift Gates
Custom designed entry gate

Custom-designed Entry Gate

Our products are designed to satisfy even the most rigorous standards and exacting tastes. You won’t find a better combination of beauty, strength and price anywhere else.

Call for a free consultation. We can discuss whether a swing gate or a sliding gate is right for your needs and help you choose what will work best for you.

Commercial and Retail Gates

Protect your business with Iron and Steel Security Doors & Gates
Motorized steel gate

Motorized steel gate

Icarus Group Ironwork protects your business from vandalism and burglaries with attractive steel security gates.

We design, install, repair, and replace all types of storefront security gates, door and window gates anywhere in New York City. We service stores, warehouses and loading docks throughout NYC.

We provide high quality commercial service doors that are customized for your needs. We create reliable, durable service doors that are built to sustain long term use in the most crucial conditions.

  • Steel Rolling Gates
  • Folding Gates
  • Storefront Grills
  • Security Gates
  • Counter Shutters
  • Window Gates
  • Mini Rolling Gates
  • Manual, Chain operated or Electric motor-operated Rolling Gates
  • Industrial or Retail Rolling Security Gates
  • Sliding Gates for
    Parking Facilities
  • Keypad-access Security Gates
  • Security Rolling Steel Doors and Grilles
  • Fire Escape enabled Security Window Gates
  • See-through Grill Gates
  • Metal Roll-up Lift Gates
  • Large Interior Warehouse Gates
  • Sectional Garage Doors
  • Overhead Garage Doors
  • Fire-Rated Roll Down Gates
  • Custom Folding Chain-link Gates
  • Chain Gates for Retail Environments
  • Swing, Bi-fold, Slide & Vertical Lift Gates
  • Single-leaf sliding gates
  • Bi-Parting Gates

When you come to Icarus Group Ironwork, you get top-quality workmanship, professional courtesy and knowledgeable, skilled craftsmen who can assist you with drawings, specifications and data sheets.

For extra special projects, our professional designers will be happy to suggest a custom-made solution to satisfy your individual needs.

Emergency Security Gate Repair

We repair and install all types of Security Gates. We install and repair curtain gate links, chain hoist key switch openers and manual chain gates.

Color Finishing

Our driveway gates are crafted from heavy duty hot-dipped galvanized steel and powder-coated for longevity and durability. Choose from our wide selection of powder-coated colors.

Download Standard Color PDF

All of our gates are designed to withstand years of outdoor weather conditions.

Call Icarus Group Ironwork for a free consultation.   •   718-288-7008   •   Get answers to all your questions.


Add drama and grace to your home with customized metalwork stairs
Mono Stringer Stairs

Mono Stringer Stairs

A well-designed Staircase defines the character of a home and sets a first impression for the entrance.

Whether you seek traditional straight, custom stairs, floating stairs or spiral stairs, Icarus Group Ironwork will build the staircase to fit your needs.

We build a classic all-metal staircase, or a steel and hardwood combination, manufactured using the finest materials.

Create the staircase of your dreams

Icarus Group Ironwork will work with you to ensure that your dream design is optimized according to your vision. Great care is given to the esthetic quality and durability of our work.

Straight, curved, or spiral, every stair is custom made. All of our metal stair components are turned and fabricated to your exact specifications and taste by our craftsmen.

Hand forged and welded joints are ground to a smooth finish and sealed to prevent water damage.

Space problems are no problem

We will help you to plan and design your staircase to suit your space.

We design an attractive, safe staircase to fit your specific interior space while meeting code.

We provide creative cost-effective solutions to difficult spacing problems.

External Stairs & Fire Escapes

Choose an external carbon steel staircase with diamond steel treads. Our exterior stairs blend perfectly with your surroundings and provide practical egress for years to come.

Metal stairs and other materials

We build all types of stairs all types of metals including steel, wrought iron and aluminum. We also offer wood components such as newels, balusters, handrails and treads in a variety of species including oak, mahogany, maple and cherry.

Custom staircase styles
  • Curved, Circular and Spiral Stairs
  • Helical or
    Double Helix Stairs
  • Center, Mono Stringer and Floating Stairs
  • Straight, Scissor, L or U Stair configurations
  • Dog-leg or Zigzag Stairs
  • Floating Stairs
  • Cantilevered Stairs
  • Free Standing Stairs and Ramps
  • Space Saving Stairs
  • Fire Escape Stairs
  • Interior or Exterior Steel-construction Fire Stairs

Hand Railings and Treads

Add dramatic charm with Exterior or Interior Custom Decorative Railings
Residential entrance stainless-steel stairway rail

Residential entrance stainless-steel stairway rail

An essential safety feature, wrought iron railings add an elegant and rich feel to any home, office or building design.

Icarus Group Ironwork designs and fabricates elegant custom wrought iron stairway railings, support handrails, balusters and newels that will enhance the beauty of any décor.

Great for stairways, walkways, balconies, patios and decks, we have many designs to choose from or we will make your own design concept a reality.

Artistic and functional Metal Railings, Balusters, Rails and Treads
  • Wrought Iron Railings, Galvanized & Powder-coated
  • Stairway, Balcony or Deck Railings
  • Curved-metal Stair Railing
  • A.D.A. Compliant Hand Rails, Grab Bars or Guard Rails
  • Custom-made Handrails
  • Decorative-design Railings
  • Front Porch Railings
  • Stainless Steel Cable Railings
Iron Balusters with select Wooden Hand Rails and Treads

Our custom forged steel panels, metal balusters and iron newels may be combined with any wood rail or tread such as Red Oak, Maple, Mahogany, Cherry and Walnut. Other woods are available upon request.

Your choice of Metals

Wrought Iron, Steel, Aluminum or other Metals

Your choice of Treads
  • Diamond Plate Steel Stairs
  • Glass Steps
  • Wood Treads
  • Metal Stairs
  • Stone or Concrete Steps
  • Timber Stairs
Paint and Specialty Finishes

Our railing systems may be finished with black matte or powder coat paint for low maintenance.

ADA Compliant Handrails & Grab Bars

Steel or high-strength aluminum Handrails, Grab Bars and Railing Systems meet all ADA accessibility standards.

Handrails and Grab Bars are a cost effective safety solution and can be used for stairways, ramps, and walkways to provide safety. Contact Icarus Group Ironwork and we will make and install to your specifications.

Decks, Balconies and Porches

Residential & Commercial Steel Decks and Architectural Structural Systems
Steel Deck at 21st St. in Manhattan, with carbon steel metal stairs and flagstone decking

Steel Deck, Metal Stairs and Flagstone Decking

Icarus Group Ironwork is passionate about creating raised walking surfaces such as steel decks, balconies or porches, landings, mezzanines, ramps, roof decking and stairs.

We build all types of steel decks and exterior structural construction. Engineered for structural soundness, our quality steel structures adapt to a wide range of architectural designs.

Steel construction is applicable to a wide range of exterior projects and designs. Providing structural strength with less weight, steel decks require minimal maintenance and offer long-term use.

We manufacture a wide range of architectural structures including:
  • Balconies or Julliette Balcony, Landings, Ramps and Mezzanines
  • Steel Decks, Porches,
    & Breezeways
  • Canopies and Awnings
  • Concrete Roof Decking
  • Arbors & Storage Sheds
  • Steel Stairs and Spiral Staircases
  • Custom Ornamental Wrought Iron Fencing, Railing and Guardrails for Decks and Balconies
  • Architectural Partitions
  • Balustrades, Cladding, Spindles and Balusters
  • Structural Steel Beams and Columns
  • Deck Support Posts
    and Steel Joists
Steel Balconies and Decks

Decks, Porches and Balconies are a functional focal point for family and guests. Extend living area while preserving and even enhancing existing space.

Custom Wrought Iron Railings for Exterior Decks, Balconies and Stairs

Safety fences for high decks are a critical security investment. Icarus Group Ironwork creates many different highly visible decorative designs.

Enjoy the sublime charm and performance of wrought iron balustrades and guardrails that add a dash of dramatic and durable metal to your home.

Icarus Group Ironwork offers quality craftsmanship and design. Our custom designed wrought iron fabrications are secure, robust and durable. Hand-forged to the highest standards, we can create exactly what you are looking for.

We Provide:
  • Design Consultation for Structural Systems
  • Onsite Steel Erection
  • Mobile, On-Site Welding
  • Metals fabrication in Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Wrought Iron

Icarus Group Ironwork creates all of these metalwork products and more:


Chain-link Fences

Metal Picket Fences

Wrought-Iron Fencing

Perimeter Fences

Playground Fencing

Rooftop Fencing

Trash Dumpster Enclosures

Skate Board Guards


Electric Gates

Security Gates

Custom Folding Chain-link Gates

Chain Gates for Retail Environments

Rolling Security Gates for Industrial or Retail Environments

Sliding Gates for Parking Facilities

Driveway & Entry Gates

Garden Gates

Decorative Accent Gates


Circular Stairs

Curved and Spiral Stairs

Custom Mono Stringer & Floating Stairs

Diamond Plate (Steel) Stairs

Diamond-plate Steel Stairs for Exterior Entry

Exterior Fire Escape Steel Stairs

Fire Stairs

Decks and Balconies

Balconies & Decking

Steel Deck & Metal Stairs

Steel-supported Glass Decks

Small Bridges & Access Ramps


Exterior Wall Cladding
In Stainless Steel

Hand Railings
& Treads

A.D.A. Compliant
Hand Rails

Balcony Rails

Custom Hand Rails

Stainless Steel Cable Railings

Wrought Iron Railing, Galvanized & Powder-coated

Brass or Steel Railings

Curved-metal Stair Railing


Stainless Steel Doors

Service Elevator & Cellar Doors

Fire-Rated Doors

Dutch Doors


Window Security Grilles and Security Bars

Decorative Window Guards

Custom designed Window Guards

Fire Screens

Public and Commercial Spaces

Retail Environments

Custom Bars

Interior Wall and Column Cladding

Indoor Furniture

Stainless Steel Furniture & Bars

Custom-built Wrought Iron Furniture

Children’s Furniture

Playhouses & Swings


Stainless Steel Wall or Column Cladding

Aluminum door grills

Exterior aluminum crown molding

Storage Sheds

Garden Accents

Water Fountains


False Ceilings

A/C Security Cages

Patio & Outdoor Furniture

Atriums, Arbors
& Pergolas

Gazebos & Kits

Industrial Strength Bike Racks

Tree Guards & Planters

Stainless Steel Bus Stops

Benches & Outdoor Furniture

Trash Can & Recycle Can Enclosures